Flexify Finance

Fintech Solutions to Meet Your Needs

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    Secure transactions

    PCI DSS Compliant, secure encryption, process,
    and store card data, safe transactions

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    Spectrum of methods

    More than 60+ of payment methods to heighten
    customer satisfaction

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    Multicurrency processing

    More than 20+ currencies conversion easily, quickly
    and securely

  • Payment

    Empower your business with Flexify's complete payment solutions

    International and local payment gateways for bank cards.

    Accept payments on your website, in messengers, and on social media.

  • Alternative methods

    Boost your sales with Flexify's alternative payment methods

    Payment solutions for customers who don’t have credit cards or use digital wallets.

    Provide digital wallets and cryptocurrencies.

  • Open

    Innovative financial service experiences

    Use fast and simple PaybyBank payments to increase your customer audience and the acceptance rate

  • Mass Payouts

    Manage your bulk payouts to your needs

    This solution if you need to pay employees, affiliates, vendors, or partners.

    We simplify the process, saving you time.

    • etc.

Processes for optimal performance of business

  • Cascading

    Our cascading feature optimizes transaction distribution among acquiring partners for merchant clients

  • Routing

    Payment routing involves working with multiple payment service providers to select the optimal for each transaction

  • Scalability

    Adapt your payment platform to your needs and easily upgrade to higher processing levels as transaction volumes increase. Expand globally with Flexify

  • 24/7 Support

    Experience our 24/7 support for all your needs. Account managers are here with answers to all your inquiries

Processes for optimal
performance of business

Services for a range
of business types

  • Fast and easy start
  • Popular and custom CMS integration
  • Convenient tax planning
  • Fraud protection
  • Ecommerce
  • High Risk
  • Mobile apps
  • Services
  • Services
  • Others

How to connect
to Flexify

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    Fill out the online form or contact our team to get the most relevant offer

  • 02.

    Get the best offer based on your requirements, and advice from our team for the highest results of your project

  • 03.

    Make the compliance and paperwork: internal verification and signing the contract

  • 04.

    Complete registration of the account and get started with API-integration. Feel free to consult with our technical specialists to facilitate the integration process

  • 05.

    Start receiving payments and tracking the balance in your personal account with 24/7 payment conversion support

  • 06.

    Receive your funds in the most convenient and reliable way. Use our smart back office and competent financial team


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